Are there places too dark for love to reach?

After all the pain and betrayal, Tamara Jensen believes she’s too broken for love, but then come the signs…

Ninety-Nine Series

A breakdown strands her in Vancouver, Washington on the corner of 99th and Highway 99. Across the street is the Highway Ninety-Nine Diner where she lands a job as a waitress. But starting over is hard with all the broken trust.
Joe Phillips, the diner’s short-order cook, is rugged, handsome, sweet, and almost infinitely understanding—but he has secrets of his own. Tamara finds comfort in his friendship as she struggles with a past that haunts her, and a darkness she cannot shake. She could give her heart to Joe, if not for the fears that plague her.
Their friendship deepens and Tamara begins to hope again until she’s forced to make a choice no woman should ever have to face. Then the signs reappear, and lead her down her darkest path yet.

The Characters

Tamara Jensen

Darkness has shrouded Tamara’s life for as long as she can remember. She ran away from home when she was sixteen and has been on the run ever since. After all the pain and betrayal, she believes she’s too broken for love

Joe Phillips

A kind-hearted soul who’s no stranger to heartache. His mother died when he was seventeen. Nine years later, he’s a recovering alcoholic who can’t quite make up for his past mistakes. He’s worked through the pain and is ready for a new beginning.

Levi Taylor

A devout Christian his whole life, yet something in him says there must be more to the walk he’s chosen. He longs to truly make a difference in people’s lives, however, his personal life is plagued by unfulfilled dreams that have left his heart barren.  

Elisheba Haxby

Elisheba is a hopeful romantic who weaves stories to heal the broken heart.

In each of her stories she invites her readers on the same journey she’s been on for years—the journey to become whole. She lives in Dickinson, ND with her husband, son, and beloved dogs Zoey and Luna. On her down time, you’ll find her visiting the Oregon Coast with her family, riding ATVs. or roasting s’mores at their family cabin. 

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